MIRC Interns Work Summary

Racial and Ethnic Disparities and COVID-19

^This presentation is the culmination of a summer’s worth of research into disparities surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Youth Survey: 



COVID-19 Related Flyers

Educational Resources

Mental Health & COVID-19 Series: 


Ending the Stigma: Mental Health in Immigrant Communities  

Vaccination and the New Normal 

Ending the Stigma: Normalizing and Coping in Pandemic 

Ending the Stigma: Social Anxiety and Vaccine Hesitancy 

Ending the Stigma: Dealing and Coping with Depression 

Ending the Stigma: Challenges for Students of Color 

Political Advocacy

Zoe dedicated her time to all work surrounding MIRCs policy and advocacy priorities. These policy priorities highlight the issues that are impacting the immigrant and refugee communities and work to fix it through sitting on a variety of subcommittees. She tracked all bills for the First regular and special session of the 130th Maine State legislature, as well as tracking the bills that are being carried over into the Second regular and special session. Using this information, Zoe helped work on the MIRC annual report and writes-ups to Amjambo Africa, providing summaries of both state and federal policy updates. 

Policy Priorities 

Tracking all bills for the 130th legislative session

Bills that have been signed into law by Governor Mills

Donation Tracking: 

Eliana kept track of all donations made to MIRC between June and August, updating our donations spreadsheet regularly throughout the week. She inputted all new donors into our online database and sent out the donor acknowledgment and donation receipt. Eliana updated our donor thank you letter to include MIRC’s most up-to-date projects and missions, specifically our work highlighting the racial disparities made clear by COVID-19 and the vaccine distribution. In addition, it emphasized our culturally sensitive educational work and our support for multiple ECBOs for their social support and equity work. 

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