Edward Kato

Edward Kato was born  in the Municipal Town of Maska District in Uganda. He attained Basic and Higher education in Uganda and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Makerere University. After the 1994 Rwandan War and Genocide. His family, like other Rwandan refugees that were living in exile returned to Rwanda in 1995. Subsequently, Edward participated in the economic development of Rwanda, establishing a business and investment consulting firm as well as holding public and private sector positions, including for the Rwanda Ministry of Trade and Industry and civil society organizations. During that period, Edward also completed an MBA in Project Planning and Management from the University in Rwanda and gained significant experience in international development. He is an accomplished Entrepreneur, Senior Project Manager, and Financial Consultant with demonstrated success overseeing national and international operations in a broad range of sectors.

In 2020, Edward came to the US through the Diversity Visa Program. Prior to joining the Maine Immigrant Rights Coalition as Advocacy and Operations Manager, he worked with Idexx’s Department of Operations.