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MIRC is a membership organization comprised of admitted organizations who are granted voting rights. Membership is open to public or nonprofit organizations (incorporated or unincorporated) within Maine that are committed to defending and advancing justice and equality for all immigrants and refugees living in Maine and the United States and which meet the criteria set forth by the Members.

Partners are organizations that are not members who may attend coalition meetings and receive updates through the coalition email list, but are not be able to vote on MIRC priorities or elect members of the board. Partners will not participate in the annual planning meeting.

Maine Immigrants’ Rights Coalition Ecosystem

MIRC created an ecosystem map (with City of Portland grant funds) of all the organizations that are supporting immigrants and refugees in Maine. This map informs MIRC’s understanding of the landscape of services and supports available to immigrants and refugees in Maine as well as where the service gaps are. This map also demonstrate the size and scope of the network of organizations serving and representing immigrants and refugees in Maine, serving as a testament to the influence and legitimacy of the network.

Welcoming Immigrants Network

WIN strives to connect caring people and organizations of Greater Portland to collectively meet the needs of our newly arrived immigrants. We hold informal monthly meetings to network and to do occasional advocacy.

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Member Benefits and Criteria


  • Increasing the strength of your organization’s work by adding your organization’s voice to that of a diverse coalition working towards a shared vision.
  • Information and resource sharing between member organizations.
  • Gaining expertise from other member organizations.
  • Capacity-building workshops and resources.
  • Opportunities to meet with elected leaders and other guest speakers.
  • Opportunities to participate in events that further the MIRC mission. These may include press conferences, rallies, meetings with elected leaders, and celebrations.
  • An active role in furthering the rights of new Mainers.


  • Regularly attend MIRC monthly meetings in person or by phone.
  • Actively engage in the work of MIRC through meeting participation, attendance at MIRC events, and engagement on the MIRC email list.
  • Respond in a timely manner to emails from the MIRC Executive Director or MIRC Board of Directors requesting a response. Examples of these include voting by email on coalition priorities, requests for input on an event or other MIRC activity, providing your availability for a meeting or other event, RSVPing for an event or meeting.
  • Generate turn-out for MIRC events based on organizational capacity and the type of event.
  • Act as ambassadors for the coalition when possible by describing the work MIRC does and connecting the MIRC Executive Director to potential new member organizations.
  • Communicate any problems or concerns with MIRC to the MIRC Executive Director, MIRC Board of Directors, or at coalition meetings so they can be addressed.

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If you’d like your organization to become a member of MIRC, please fill out our member application form. MIRC’s Board of Directors looks over each application to determine whether organizations meets the membership criteria.

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